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President's Office

President, Dr. Jason McConnell, DBA

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Dr. Jason McConnell, President of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU), exemplifies a paradigm of visionary leadership in the realm of higher education. With a tenure exceeding two decades, Dr. McConnell's career at LMU, commencing in 2001, has been a testament to his progressive and strategic approach in the academic sector.

Dr. McConnell embarked on his journey at LMU in the Information Technology department, where his aptitude for innovative solutions rapidly became evident. He initially assumed the role of Network Systems Administrator, distinguishing himself through significant enhancements in the university's technological infrastructure. Advancing to the position of Director of Medical Information Technology, Dr. McConnell was instrumental in transforming the technological landscape for LMU’s medical and health sciences programs, showcasing his ability to merge technical expertise with educational needs.

Elevating to the pivotal  role of Chief Technology Officer and, subsequently, Chief Information Officer, Dr. McConnell orchestrated substantial advancements in technology across the university. His strategic vision in these roles was not merely focused on technological evolution but also on fostering an interconnected academic environment, thereby enhancing the educational experience.

Demonstrating his multifaceted leadership, Dr. McConnell then transitioned to significant administrative roles. His tenure as Interim Executive Vice President for Finance, followed by his position as Assistant Vice President for Finance, was characterized by astute financial stewardship and strategic foresight. These roles underscored his ability to guide the institution through complex financial landscapes while maintaining a steadfast focus on growth and sustainability.

In his recent capacity as the Senior Executive Vice President of the University, Dr. McConnell has been the driving force behind several transformative initiatives. He has been integral to the establishment and growth of major LMU programs, including the LMU-DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine, LMU Duncan School of Law, LMU-Richard A. Gillespie College of Veterinary Medicine, and the LMU-College of Dental Medicine. Collaborating closely with the founding deans, his visionary planning and integration of state-of-the-art technologies have been pivotal in elevating these professional degree programs' pedagogical and learning landscapes.

Academically, Dr. McConnell is well-grounded with a Doctorate of Business Administration, an MBA, and a Bachelor of Science, all attained from LMU. His educational background is a cornerstone of his comprehensive understanding and approach to academic administration.

Residing in his hometown of Rose Hill, Virginia, with his wife, Beth, and their two sons, Seth and Ross, Dr. McConnell's endeavors extend beyond academia. An avid pilot, his passion for exploration and adventure mirrors the dynamism and forward-thinking approach he applies to his professional responsibilities.